SNL Holiday Review: Which Are Worth It?


Christmas Morning ft.
Kristen Wiig

I’ll say it. Kristen Wiig is a brilliant entertainer. And she never fails to execute, which shows in this Christmas sketch.
Playing the mom, Kristen Wiig and her family tell the audience their extravagant Christmas gifts. I got a hoverboard! I got a new phone! I got a laptop! Then Wiig repeats, “I got a robe.” Finally, a classic mom commentary to put you and your family in the right Christmas spirit.

Best Christmas Ever
ft. Cecily Strong

I absolutely love this sketch. It masterfully executes the true chaos of the holidays. Cecily Strong, the mom, and Matt Damon, the dad, reflect on their Christmas day in which they call their “favorite.” This includes waking up at the crack of dawn, screaming children, and the dreaded extended family. With appearances from Aidy Bryant and Mikey Day, this relatable sketch never fails to make me chortle.

Santa Baby ft.
Ryan Gosling

Do I have a crush on Ryan Gosling? Yes. Does that make my opinion skewed for this sketch? Probably. But let’s give it a shot anyway. I love this sketch because it starts off so jolly, and takes a quick dark turn. At a holiday party, Ryan Gosling and Vanessa Bayer play the roles of a charismatic couple, who suddenly get super weird at the mention of Santa Claus. Gosling gets irrationally angry when the other party goers suggest that Santa is upstairs, or that he isn’t real. This skit is awkward and uncomfortable and the actors hilariously play on this.

Christmas Miracle ft.
Kate McKinnon

Hands down, Kate McKinnon should have won an Emmy award last year for her role in SNL. One of her most famous roles is an alien sketch where she plays a woman named Ms. Rafferty, but this sketch takes a holiday turn – instead of aliens, she has witnessed the real life Santa Claus. Chain smoking through the skit, Ms. Rafferty depicts her time witnessing Santa, which is starkly different to the experiences of the two other witnesses, played by Cecily Strong and Casey Affleck, who got to visit the North Pole with a warm welcome.

Weekend Update
with Adam Sandler
on Hanukkah

Adam Sandler has become very popular recently because of his iconic look: long shorts, huge T-shirts, dad sneakers, and his annoying voices. Whether you like Adam Sandler or you find him infuriating, his holiday songs are bops and are a crucial listen. In this song, Sandler addresses Hanukkah, a holiday often overlooked by Christmas, and in the best way possible.

Mr. Schweddy’s
Family Recipe ft.
Alec Baldwin

A true American classic. You, your mom, your best friend, all watching this is perhaps the best time spent ever. Enough said.