Eve’s Holiday Gift Guide


Your Boyfriend’s Granny

Obviously, the holidays are one of the best times of the year to impress your boyfriend’s family. Thinking beyond your boyfriend’s gift and extending an offering to the family such as his near and dear granny is one of the best ways to win over the hearts of not only him, but the rest of the fam. I don’t know what it is about grannies, but they are suckers for anything soft and lavender-smelling. A brand new scarf is a go-to for grannies. My granny got a scarf every single year at Christmas and absolutely adored it. It doesn’t have to be cashmere…but maybe go beyond your local Ocean State Job Lot. Figure out Granny’s favorite color, or settle for a neutral color to pair with her eclectic clothes. Or, even better, knit one yourself. Maybe even spritz some lavender smelling perfume on top as well. Since she’s always knitting for her grandson, why not repay her with a knit of your own?

Your ‘A Yogurt and a Raisin a Day’ Mother

Salad hands! As she’s a health nut on her seasonal health journey, what better way to help her continue her “life-changing” goals than providing her a tool to toss a salad. As she meal preps for your family through various forms of lettuce, why not make it extra delicious by letting her toss in the dressing an easier and more fun way? That way, maybe she’ll throw in that ranch dressing she’s been avoiding, but using the hands is such a pleasure, how can she resist? They come in a variety of materials: bamboo, oak, plastic. How could you go wrong?

Your Creepy Uncle

Stereotypically, these members of the family are known for making holiday a bit awkward. Through their political conspiracy theories, touchy jokes towards your sister, and many more uncomfortable experiences around the dinner table, why not get him what everyone has been thinking: a restraining order.

Your ‘In Touch With His Feminine Side’ Father

Goat Soap. Personally, my dad is a super fan of antiques, doyles, Gilmore Girls, and historical films. He prefers to have conversations with his mother-in-law about her choice of curtains over his father-in-law’s sport’s team most recent victorious win. With this in mind, no wallet, tie, or any typical “Dad” gift will do. Instead, I go after his favorite beauty products. Beekman Goat Soap. I go to the local Bower Bird in Old Saybrook and splurge every holiday on this soap. If you find yourself one night watching yet another episode of The Bachelor with your father, goat soap may just be for him! (My dad recommends lavender in case you wondered which scent is the best.)