Poem Analysis


“When Someone Shows You, Their True Colors, Don’t Try To Paint a Different Picture.”


“Why Are You Still Holding On to Things That Have Already Let Go Of You.”

These two quotes have been living in my mind for quite some time. I feel these quotes have made my viewpoint in life completely different. I’ve had trouble with friends and relationships for the past year. My old friendships were true and real. The first quote really resonates with me because I was in such a toxic friendship with many people and I never realized how toxic it was until it ended. I was struggling through the whole friendship, questioning my worth and all.  I was always doubting myself through the whole thing and they made me believe I wasn’t putting in the effort to be a good friend. But it’s not hard to be a good friend and it shouldn’t take a lot of effort to do so. So i’ve learned the hard way that if somebody wanted to, they would . Which also showed me that what happens with friends isn’t forever because friends come and go and in high school it’s hard to find real true people. Seeing my old friends’ true colors was a turning point for and showed who they really are. The second quote relates to me as well because I feel that I hold onto the people and the memories I create with them for so long. Until I get some closure for myself I hold on. They, in my eyes, have let go and moved on. It seems so easy for them to do so. I feel trapped and alone when losing a friendship. Maybe it’s because I lost them so much it’s hard for me to cope. Thinking that I’m always the problem in some way. We live in a world where people are either selfish or selfless, both could show in a friendship but if something happens that recently affects the other person. It’s the way they respond that’s going to show how they deal with situations. Whether they are selfish or selfish in this situation. I picked these quotes to analyze because one, they resonate with me and the things that are going on in my life but also that these might relate to many people. Knowing that people aren’t going through things alone does help a bit and that’s why I picked these quotes.