The Magic in Mystical Horizons

The history of Mystical Horizons and all the trinkets and services they offer


Books sold at Mystical Horizons

Mackenzie Farley

A little red shack sits at 313 Flanders Rd, right here in EL, filled with all sorts of trinkets, herbs, crystals and so much more. Mystical Horizons is open to anyone looking to start their journey into spirituality or just looking for pretty stones and jewelry.

Tranquility surrounds the room the second visitors enters. Hints of lavender and sage filled the air as co-owner Lynn Merritt and her employee, Cindy, met me and showed me around the shop with constant kindness and assistance.

“Lynn has done a lot. She changed some of the blue laws back in the ‘90s when they first opened because of how bad they were towards readings,” Cindy said. Mystical Horizons has been co-owned by Lynn Merritt and Maureen Pavelski opened the shop since the 1990s- not long after wicca became legalized in Connecticut in 1985. Wicca is a modern Pagan religion.

Mystical Horizons has various books covering a spectrum of topics, including wicca, intuition, herbs, deities, and self-help. While the amount of topics can be intimidating at first, employees are eager to help navigate the shelves.

“The average buyer pops in for pocket stones,” Cindy said.

They sell an array of different colored and patterned crystals that owners say are partnered with a certain purpose. Oftentimes, crystals like bronzite that are less eye-catching are overlooked; however, their vibrations are really important.

“There are tarot card readings where we use the tarot cards to look at what is going on or what could come up in the future,” Merritt said. They also sell a huge selection of tarot and oracle cards that one can learn to use and offer astrological readings where they study a person’s birth chart and what that means about their personality.

“There’s spiritual mediumship reading where you make contact with people who have crossed over,” Merritt said. The medium readings are often used to help clients who are grieving or have unfinished business with a passed loved one. They also often use intuitive readings where they tap into their inner awareness. All of the readings are priced by the time frame: 15 minutes for $35, 20 minutes for $40, and 30 minutes for $50.

“We truly do care and do try and help. People come in here looking for help fairly often, and we do our best to guide them through,’ ’ Cindy said. Their team uses their knowledge on crystals and intuitive abilities to help guide their customers in the right path.