Restaurant Review: 7 Napkins

Review on new EL restaurant


Jen Wallace

Overall Rating: 4 stars out of 5. 


He is classically French-trained, judges food competitions, and the creator of the 7 Napkin Burger: he’s Mark Vecchitto. 7 Napkins is a burger joint that opened in September. Vecchitto has been working in the food industry his whole life, but decided to leave fine dining behind: “This is fun dining, no more fine dining.”

He has a degree in cryptozoology, which is the study of animals whose existence is disputed, and the restaurant reflects that: the whole place is reflectant of his interests, even menu items.

“All of his burgers are actually folklores or cryptics,” said Vecchitto’s daughter, Ash. Even the mascot of the restaurant is based on a folklore of a wolfman.


Bits of lettuce and tomato pouring out the sides, juicy meat grilled to perfection, fluffy bread: a steamed hamburger. The presentation of this burger, even down to the takeout box, is perfect. The smell filled my dining room like a sinking ship fills with water, luring my sister out of her room to ask for a bite.


Wood and metal line the walls, the interior has both a rustic and industrial feel to it. Pictures of the owner with various celebrities, including Guy Fieri, and many awards line the walls.

The tables are made of various shades of wood with metal chairs. Orange and yellow accents are worked into the restaurant to match their wolfam mascot. Different decorations, including a Thomas Edison light bulb piece and steampunk cats, only add to the uniqueness of the restaurant.


I ate at the 7 Napkins twice, once for takeout and again for the full experience of sitting in. When I went for a sit down meal I was greeted with a warm smile in a bustling restaurant, and every table was filled.

Our orders were taken quickly and came promptly despite the busyness of the kitchen. People walked in for their take-out and immediately bags of food were handed to them. Even at their busiest, the 7 Napkins system is extremely efficient.