Jan. 6 Report Places Blame on Trump


The committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection, consisting of nine senators (seven Democrats and two Republicans) released its full report Dec. 22. The document consists of 18 chapters and over 800 pages, concluding that the blame for the insurrection, a violent act/uprising against the government, is on former president Donald Trump. The committee recommends the Justice Department charge Mr. Trump with four charges: inciting the
insurrection, obstruction of Congress, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and conspiracy to make false statements.

The committee also recommended that Mr. Trump be barred from office. Being barred from office means not being allowed to run for office or be in office. However, it is unclear whether or not these recommendations will be carried out by the Justice Department.

Among the report and these interviews, the committee discovered evidence of Mr. Trump and the people working closely around him pressured officials during the election for results to go in his favor, and that they planned to declare victory before the election was held. Evidence, which included various text messages, was also found that
Mr. Trump was aware of the risk of violence and later the violence that was occurring at the Capitol long before he
chose to intervene Jan. 6. Throughout interviews with White House aide John McEntee and advisor Ivanka Trump, Mr. Trump was said to show little to no sympathy after learning the insurrection had turned deadly, with five
people dead and many more injured.

The report proposed recommendations like more oversight on the Capitol Police as a result of the attack. Also, reform on the Electoral Count Act to make it harder to overturn election results in response to the insurrection, was signed into law Dec. 29.