My Take on Love Triangles

Love portrayed through media

Kylee Johnston

  If the multiverse theory is real that is where the person left out in a love triangle exists. The multiverse theory is a scientific model that describes all of existence as a collection of multiple universes that exist in parallel and higher dimensions. A love triangle is simply a relationship dynamic involving three people. Although it is usually never simple. That singled-out person gets the boy/girl in another universe. They could’ve worked out and so many situations could’ve been different. For now, there are words better left unsaid and memories to forget. Only if…

Love triangles are tragic. But they must be approached with caution. Not many people have the luxury of being involved in one. If you do, just know you will inevitably get hurt. 

Journalist Kovie Biakolo said, “Maybe in another universe, you and I can be with this person that we love, and everything is straightforward and simple. And maybe in another universe, we don’t have to love them at all because it just never happened.” The article, “Love And The Theory Of Multiple Universes” is a beautifully written piece depicting love triangle romances. 

In some cases, love triangles seem solvable. There is a clear, obvious, and right choice. Its impossible to see what the trouble is and why they won’t just make up their minds! For others, right and wrong doesn’t apply, and nothing about the situation seems solvable or obvious. You might know love triangles as a girl who gets between two brothers or best friends. You might think there is someone to blame for all the chaos. Whatever it is, and whoever is involved, it is always painful and it’s never that simple.

Loving two people at the same time is an impossible situation to explain, decide, and move forward with. You are stuck with thinking and managing the past while simultaneously focusing on the future. Those two people are different. You are different with them. You have to ask yourself, who cant you live without? Who are you your best self with?

In one of my favorite books, Daisy Jones & the Six, a quote said it best. Everything that made Daisy burn, made me burn. Everything I loved about the world, Daisy loved about the world. Everything I struggled with, Daisy struggled with. We were two halves. We were the same. In that way you’re only the same with a few other people. In that way that you don’t even feel like you have to say your own thoughts because you know the other person is already thinking them. How could I be around Daisy Jones and not be mesmerized by her? Not fall in love with her? I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. But Camila [wife] meant more. That’s just the deepest truth. My family meant more to me. Camila meant more to me. Maybe, for a little while there, Camila wasn’t the person I was the most drawn to. Or…

Maybe Camila wasn’t the person I was the most in love with. At that time, I don’t know. You can’t…maybe she wasn’t. But she was always the person I loved the most. She was always the person I would choose. It is Camila, for me. Always. Passion is…it’s fire. And fire is great, man. But we’re made of water. Water is how we keep living. Water is what we need to survive. My family was my water. I picked water. I’ll pick water every time. And I wanted Daisy to find her water. Because I couldn’t be it (288-289).”

Whatever the final decision is, it doesn’t seem finished. It leaves everyone involved and from the sidelines empty. I respect Billy a lot here. He has made some questionable decisions but in the end this one is clear headed. 

What ifs will kill. And maybe, just maybe, in another life the two could be together with nothing standing in their way. 

Whether it is film, music, books, or real life, no one truly knows what decision they would make in someone’s shoes. You think you’d be able to figure it out but it can sneak up on you and become the hardest decision ever. Steer clear of judgment, even if it’s easier to blame the woman in the middle.