ELHS Welcomes New Statistics Teacher

Maya Garrow

ELHS’s new Statistics teacher returns to teaching

He loves working with students and has a passion for math. Despite choosing to retire in 2019, this new member of the ELHS staff soon returned to the classroom part-time. Charles Stone is his name, and he is now teaching Probability and Statistics during blocks A1 and B1 for the new semester. “I thought that I would not miss teaching, but when I got back into the classroom I remembered why I liked it so much,” Mr. Stone said. His welcoming demeanor and intense enthusiasm lends a great deal to how he works with students. However, these aren’t his only qualifications. This teacher may be new to ELHS, but he is not new to the profession. He previously worked at the Montville and Bloomfield schools for 25 years. He was soon asked to come back to Montville part-time, which brought about his return to teaching, then he moved onto Mitchell College for a year. However, this past summer he
received a call from ELHS and came back to work in his hometown. It is clear that Mr. Stone is well versed in the language of education. “As long as it’s part-time, it feels great,” Mr. Stone said regarding his work. Teaching can be a tiring profession, which is why he retired in the first place. But Mr. Stone has found that he does still have quite a bit of fun with the job and still loves teaching when it isn’t the stressful full-time job. Senior Devin Minogue’s experience has been nothing but positive” in Mr. Stone’s classroom. “He has a fun and engaging learning style, which makes the morning better. He interlaces humor into his lessons, which helps with retention for me,” Minogue said. The enjoyment Mr. Stone reaps from his work is clear from his influence on his daughters careers and interactions with
students. When working as a teacher, it is important to enjoy teaching both the subject and the students, and Mr. Stone embraces these aspects of his job greatly. Other than work though, Mr. Stone enjoys the days in which he watches his granddaughter during the week. “I think working with students keeps you young, because they want to have fun so it’s fun being around them. You get to socialize with them and talk about different things,” Mr. Stone said.