Hidden Gems: Electives to Add To Your Schedule


Senior Kylee Johnston: “I liked it because it was enticing to learn about blood types, past crimes, especially in CT, evidence like shoe and fingerprints, forensic protocols, and more.” “I would recommend it to anyone who seeks to study crime or biology in college. I think anyone who likes learning things out of the ordinary would love it.”


Senior Kenya Green: “I like this class because of the freedom of creativity that I am able to experiment with and research on.” “I’d recomment to anyone (senior and juniors only) who’s extremely passionate about something and would love to dedicate school-time to immersing themselves in it.”


Senior Katie Teixeira “I liked doing in-depth labs without lab reports and applying concepts I learned in biology. Plus, Ms. Hiltz is amazing!” “I’d recommend it to anyone who likes biology and wants to learn more in a hands-on, laid-back environment.”


Senior Rose Zhou: “I learned a lot regarding how finances work. It made me aware of how complicated finance can be and how fast peple can dig themselves into a financial hole if they don’t manage their money well.” “I’d recommend this to upperclassmen because they will be experiencing financial issues soon with college and post college.”


Senior Eve Slemp: “This class provides numerous opportunities for building connections, exploring new writing, and leadership skills. I was able to meet many influential people to propel my future career.” “I recommend journalism for ambitious and curious students who want to explore new ways of communication and make a difference in society.”

Marine Biology

Senior Olivia Cooper: “I got to learn so much and work with marine life, which I didn’t think I would have enjoyed.” “I recommend this class to people who don’t think they want to do anything with marine life because it opened my mind to so many different possibilities and opportunities in the world. Also the teacher (Ms. Buckley) is one of the best!”

African American and Latine Studies

Junior Haleigh Miller: “I’ve learned more in the last six months about Black and Latine history than I’ve learned in the last ten years of my education.” “I’d recommend it for anyone who feels like there’s a gap in their education and is open-minded to learning something new.”

Speech Communications

Senior Mara Wolff: “I liked it because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me so many important skills that I can utilize in the future.” “I recommend it to anyone, no matter if you have never stood in front of a crowd or if this is your everyday thing.”

Fashion Construction

Senior Ruby McMahon: “I really enjoyed the environment Ms. Gianakos provides. She takes us step-by-step through different projects, from pillow cases, to tote bags, to dresses. It is such a great class to relax and learn how to sew with great people around you.” “I would recommend this class to anyone with an interest in sewing. You can learn how to construct your own clothes!”