Rom-Coms You Have To Watch this February


‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’

Andie is a journalist writing an article about how to lose a guy in 10 days. Ben is looking for a girl who will fall in love with him in 10 days. Both plans come to a halt when the truth is exposed. I’m not a big movie person, but I wasn’t bored at any point of this movie. It absolutely put the comedy in romcom! There were great secondary characters to keep the story moving including Ben’s friends. Andie’s tactics to try and get Ben to leave was without a doubt enthralling to watch and Ben was very lovable toward her no matter what. I loved when Ben was finally able to see Andie’s real personality. This is probably my favorite rom com ever.


‘Monte Carlo’

A perfect European summer romance with a hint of adventure. Three best friends go on a trip to Paris where protagonist, Grace, is quickly mistaken for a British socialite turning their whole terrible trip around. When Grace is mistakenly brought to a fancy hotel, the girls decide to keep the bid up. I have always loved Selena Gomez so I loved her as the lead. I watched this over 10 times as a kid and felt extremely nostalgic while watching now. Not only does it show all of their friendships, each girl also finds a lover. Meg and Riley are some of my favorites because the way they met was like one that you make up in your head. If you are looking for an enjoyable night, I would say add this movie to the list.


‘Set It Up’

If you love office romance, you will love “Set It Up.” Harper and Charlie are both assistants to workaholics and just want a day off. So, they set up a plan for their bosses to fall in love. In the process, they become close friends and soon something more. I thought this movie was a cute rom com that is an easy, casual watch. For all my book lovers, it’s definitely a friends to lovers trope which I enjoy reading. Something else that I adored was Charlie’s best friend who was played by Pete Davidson and his relationship with Harper. I would definitely recommend this for a quick Netflix watch!


‘Mamma Mia’

Follows mother and daughter duo Donna and Sophie on a Greek island. Sophie is planning her wedding but plot twist: she has never met her dad and doesn’t know who he is. She invites the three potential guys who may or may not be her father. Her goal is to figure out which one is the real dad. The movie navigates lifelong friendships, love, and growing up. I’m absolutely obsessed with the Greek island girl aesthetic that quickly formed from this movie. The music makes it so much better with songs that everyone can sing along too. The banter between Donna and her two best friends and watching Sophie create strong bonds with all three men is riveting. If you are looking for a Galentine’s movie, this is perfect to watch.