Corporate v. Small Business Doughnuts

Alex Salerno and Emma Johnston talk about their opinions between Flanders Bakery and Dunkin’


This is the chocolate covered doughnut with sprinkles. Dunkin”(left), Flanders(right)

Alex Salerno – Pro Small Business

A sugar flavored dough melting in your mouth with a sticky icing and sprinkles, you might be confused about what I am talking about, but if you have a sweet tooth, you know exactly what I am talking about . . . doughnuts. 

 Doughnuts have been a staple at Flanders Donut and Bake shop in East Lyme since 1972. Another big name when it comes to doughnuts is the big chain Dunkin’. It’s hard not to compare the big chain in Dunkin’ to the small family owned place in Flanders Donut and Bake shop. Here is my take on the doughnuts from Flanders and Dunkin’. 

 When it comes to comparing the big chains to a local business, it is hard for me to not pick the local business. But, in this competition, there was no bias needed. Flanders Donuts has the superior doughnut and there is no competition!

You can tell when eating the donuts at Dunkin’ that they are made in bulk. They have a decent sweet flavor but nothing special. On the chocolate covered doughnut at Dunkin’, they barely put any of the chocolate on the doughnut and there weren’t as many sprinkles compared to Flanders. You can tell as a customer that the Dunkin’ doughnut is made in a cost effective way by using a minimum amount of chocolate icing and sprinkles.

When you eat the Flanders Donut and Bake shop donut, you can tell it was made with care. There was a crispy texture with the Flanders doughnut. There was also a copious amount of sprinkles, and chocolate cover. 

When it comes to buying your doughnuts, make sure you buy local at Flanders Donut and Bake shop. Their donuts are made better and not made on a budget like the Dunkin’.

Emma Johnston – Pro Corporate

Alex and I have tried doughnuts from both Dunkin’ Donuts and Flanders Bakery to review the difference between a non-corporate doughnut and a corporate one. We got the same doughnuts from each place and tested to see which one we liked better.

Dunkin’ is a very well known place that has good bakery items and amazing coffee. Their doughnuts are something many people grew up having. We took a chocolate frosted doughnut, a chocolate frosted with sprinkles, and a chocolate glazed doughnut.  We tested the flavor, texture of the doughnut, and how much we liked it. I came to the conclusion that the chocolate was rich and the doughnut was moist.  I would give Dunkin’ an 8.5/10

Flanders Bakery is a non-corporate place and was created in the town of Flanders, Connecticut. They have extremely good bakery items as well as coffee. We took the same doughnuts at Dunkin’ and tested for flavor, texture of the doughnut, and how much we liked it. The first two doughnuts were soft and pillowy like. There was a lack of chocolate flavor and one of the doughnuts was hard.  I would have to give Flanders a 6.9/10.

Overall I concluded that, yes we support Flanders for being out there and having a good business but Dunkin’ will stay on the top.


FUN FACT: The correct spelling is doughnut, not donut!