Cats or Dogs?

Brooke Haviland

Brooke Haviland & Aiden Rodgers


In my opinion cats are better. I grew up with two Labradors and I loved them more than any cat I met (I wasn’t around many)- and they were so much better than cats, but years later I got a cat named Gus and I find him much better than a dog. I still like both dogs and cats, but cats are number one in my opinion. Cats are independent creatures and I feel like I connect with them more than dogs. There are many reasons I believe cats are better than dogs: 1) They don’t take up much space, my cat may take up the whole end of my bed but a golden retriever would take up much more space. 2) Traveling. My family travels and is away from our house most weekends, and having a cat is much easier to leave home for a day or few. I clean the litter box before I go somewhere and after I get back. And we leave a bowl of food out, if longer than 2 or 3 days we would have a friend come over and check up on my cat. But with dogs if you go somewhere for more than a day you would have to have a dog sitter. 3) Cats can entertain themselves. I know that if my cat is bored he finds his toys or my brother’s Nerf bullet and chases it around, or even just a piece of plastic or a box. But with dogs, they aren’t going to stop barking or jumping on you unless you play fetch or tug of war with them. If you need to get work done, it’s better to have a cat in that situation. 4) Cleanliness. I know my cat spends a little less than half cleaning himself. It’s always after he plays, eats, and before or after he sleeps. And dogs might spend a few minutes licking their paws but cats are much more clean. 

The only issue with cats for me is that I can’t take mine for a walk or a run, my dad said no to a leash and harness for my cat the first week I got him. But other than that and the sharp nails, I would never change my answer. 

I love cats and I still love dogs, but in my opinion cats are the better out of the two.



I’m not a cat-hater. Far from it. I rock with cats. They are cute. I simply cannot merit the idea that they are a superior pet than dogs. 

Cats are definitely independent creatures. This might be an aspect of where my issues lie. Why get a pet whose whole vibe is to chillax when you’re far and run when you’re close? I understand that merit with fish, but fish are cool to look at. Cats are cute, but they run away so much that it’s hard to act on that cuteness. I, personally, prefer an animal that matches my energy. No animal does that as well as dogs. Dogs rock with you. Heavily. I have never met a dog that doesn’t act like their owner is actually Taylor Swift. Dogs stan their owners. Cats have this toxic and cool indifference. Dogs have no shame. Dogs want to hang out with you. All the time. I appreciate feeling appreciated. Dogs make me feel appreciated. To my dogs: I stan you, too.