Podcasts: An Underrated Form of Entertainment

Podcasts are not just for parents anymore – no matter what sparks your interest, there’s something for you


‘Moments’ with Lexi Hidalgo

Every time I listen to “Moments,” I leave feeling understood, inspired, and like my mental health has been uplifted. Hidalgo is a wonderful, inspiring person who spreads her positivity to all “Moments” listeners. She goes deep into all of our “wild thoughts and unexplainable emotions” while keeping the vibe casual and friendly. Listening to “Moments,” I never feel bored and I always leave with some kind of meaningful takeaway. The episodes are mostly done solo, but Hidalgo has featured a few friends as guests.


‘Looking for the Todt Family’ by The Day

Although I’m typically not a fan of true crime, this local podcast by The Day drew me in as soon as I pressed play. It tells the story of Colchester resident and respected physical therapist Tony Todt, who brutally murdered his wife and three children in early 2020. This podcast was especially interesting because it happened so locally and so recently – it makes it even more creepy knowing that crimes like this can happen anywhere. The story is told in 18 episodes, and it’s an absolute must-add to your podcast agenda.


‘TED Talks Daily’

You may think that TED talks are boring and that no teenager in their right mind would listen to one for fun. That’s what I thought – but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed certain episodes like “How everyday
interactions shape your future,” and “3 steps of anxiety overload.” There’s a new episode every day on various topics and unlike many other podcasts, each episode is less than 18 minutes long. “TED Talks Daily” is an inspiring way
to start off your day and is the perfect length to listen to on the way to school.