Bright Colors and Animal Masks Take Over NYFW

New York Fashion Week 2023 embraces the fun and weird side of fashion


Sequins, bright, flashing colors, and animal masks stole the show at this year’s February New York Fashion Week.
While a variety of styles appeared during the many shows and runways, vibrant colors shined through. Many shows featured outfits with flashing sparkles, bows, and lace. This year, shows didn’t focus as much on popular trends in the media but rather embraced bold and unique styles. Metallic makeup, colorful lips, thin brows, and dark, eccentric eyes stood out as common beauty trends. Designers and influencers alike embraced the weird side of fashion, with one of the most notable moments being the brand Collina Strada’s show. The remarkable show
took everyone by storm, which included models dressed in animal masks like pig snouts and snake heads prancing, crawling, and hopping around. Other shows strayed from trends and leaned into classic, formal, and futuristic
designs by incorporating slip dresses, blazers, and leather pieces. Overall, NYFW embraced everything unique and different that fashion should be.