Salerno Talks Art(even though he doesn’t know anything about it)

Alex went around his house and took photos of art. Here are his opinions on the art in his house as a non-art enthusiast.


This piece by Norman Rockwell has been in my house for years. This picture depicts a young boy getting distracted by a lollipop when getting a haircut. The drawing has a lot of detail in it. This obviously took the author a boat load of time. Overall, I love this piece and I appreciate the work the artist put into this piece.

Okay, I did this piece when I was in 3rd grade at Flanders Elementary School. This piece was in a regional art show. I think that when I did this, I just found a bunch of random stuff to put on the art. But, I think it is magnificent. The attention to detail and the variety of different colors is what makes the piece. I was quite the art student back in the day. Amazing!

This turtle was made by my sister. She made this when she was in elementary school. The turtle is cool with many different colors and designs. The different colored specs in the background help make the painting more appealing to the eye. Overall, this was a decent art piece.

This piece of artwork looks cold. It looks like it is depicting a couple walking their dog at dusk in the middle of winter. This piece isn’t very colorful but it has a lot of character. The attention to detail is great. The tree in the art blows me away. Amazing job by this artist!