Connecticut’s Overnight sensation- Tokyo’s Revenge

Bacon Academy Alumni goes viral on TikTok due to his rap music.



Born in Colchester CT,  Garth Andrew Best, better known as Tokyo’s Revenge, rose to fame overnight on TikTok with his hit rap song “GoodMorningTokyo!” which has over 200 million streams on Spotify. 

The rapper, 24, went to neighboring school Bacon Academy where he began his music career, freestyle rapping for fun. When he graduated he found himself homeless, resorting to couch surfing removing his focus from music. 

Through this, he found himself staying with a few friends who were also interested in music. These friends inspired him to publish music on SoundCloud. In 2019, after a while of making music, he released the hit song “GoodMorningTokyo!” under the record label Blac Noize! to spotify. 

Users on TikTok popularized the song with 1.1 million videos using the sound. This caused the song to climb the charts with spots at #1 for both Spotify’s Global Viral 50 and The Rolling Stone’s Trending 25. The song amassed 26 million streams on Spotify in that year . 

The style of the song is hard to describe. It was a different style of song that was rarely ever used in the music scene. Described better in his own words during an interview with Hamza Riaz with Cheque, “I rap in a really bipolar way where I want it to be super clear off-rip that my lyrics have absolutely nothing to do with my delivery. If I can create a scenario in which I’m using an extremely aggressive delivery style but extremely light-hearted lyrics it’s almost confusing.” 

The rapper takes inspiration from musicians and other rappers he listened to when he was younger such as Fleetwood-Mac, Eminem, and Jay-Z. His childhood filled with music led him to mix heavy metal and rap, creating the cacophony of sounds that his music is today. 

The rapper from CT is still working on music, his latest release came out last year, and fans expect to see more as the young star continues to navigate his way through the music industry.