Your Guide to the Perfect Car Survival Kit

As upperclassmen start getting their licenses, and then their very own cars, the excitement of decorating and stocking up in your new space is exhilarating, and maybe slightly overwhelming. I’ve included only the best recommendations that will make your car the friend group’s go-to.


photo: Unsplash


Nice, warm, fuzzy blanket: Dude. You have no idea how many times I’ve been SO grateful for this one. Freezing at a football game? Go get the blanket. Passengers complaining about how slow your car warms up? Give ‘em the
blanket. (Same goes for an extra sweatshirt!)

Ice scraper: This is an ESSENTIAL. Even if it didn’t snow, there’s bound to be a layer of ice over your windshield some winter mornings. Trust me, when you’re running late and can’t wait for your defroster to do it for you, you’re
gonna want it. Spoiled garage kids on the other hand…I guess you can skip out.

First aid kit: Listen, anything could happen. Be the mom friend. Stock up on the bandaids.

Sauce holder: Okay guys. I’ll be honest. I don’t have one of these – yet. But let’s be real. We’re broke high schoolers; we get fast food all the time. What’s more handy than a clip on your vent that holds your ketchup?

Napkin/Paper towel stash: Dedicated to all the midnight snack runs and morning coffee spills. You never know when you need one for you and all the passenger princesses.

Honorable mention: Chapstick: As someone whose biggest pet peeve is chapped lips, I don’t think I would’ve survived without it.