On the Sidelines: the Girls Golf Team

The ELHS Girls Golf Team is uplifting and positive


The under the radar girls’ golf team has undeniable chemistry. The girls have grown close throughout the season and although not having the best season so far, the girls never give up. Their supportive and laid back approach to the sport has kept them going throughout their matches so far.
“I just love that the golf team is very calm and the girls are there to have fun and it is just a good time,” junior Morgan Dube said.
In the fall, Dube plays soccer for ELHS and although loving the sport, she admits that it can be high pressure. She finds being on the golf team relaxing, fun, and a way to still stay active during her off season.
“It’s not super serious, if we mess up our coach isn’t going to get upset,” senior Mary Haburay said.
Their practices are full of snacks and laughs as the girls that make up the team are tight knit and are always having fun. Their team is small with only seven people total, but Dube and Haburay agree that it makes their bond even better.
Leading the team is Coach Hespeler who also is able to find the fun in the sport. He puts no pressure on the girls and keeps the team spirits high, even bringing snacks to practices.
“We poke a lot of fun at our coach and we all just laugh about it,” Dube said.
Their coach is a key aspect in the closeness of the team and he provides a positive and uplifting environment to the girls. Coach Ted Hespeler puts little to no pressure on the team, only pushing them to want to do better. Even on their way to matches they aren’t worried about whether they will win or lose.
“On the bus we aren’t getting super stressed out about the matches it’s like ‘you got pretzels?’” Haburay said, describing their bus rides.
The low stress environment and abundance of snacks makes practices and matches light hearted and fun.
The team plans to continue growing their skills throughout the season as they continue to share giggles and good times.