Summer Bucket List

Brooke Haviland

1. Build a sand castle village 

Instead of one sand castle, why not a whole village

  2. Build a giant fort

Use you imagination and creativity while building a cozy and private space to relax in

   3. Wake up before the sun rise

Waking up before the sunrise is a peaceful experience that is free of cost

     4. Get a job 

Get that money$$$

5. Picnic with friends

what’s better than a fun time with food with friends

   6. Beach day
Relax, swim, eat, whatever you desire

 7. Learn to drive 
freedom of the road!!

 8. Have a bonfire 
A fun time with family or friends, next to a warm and cozy fire

 9. Go to a drive in movie 
Sit on the ground or in the car, bring your own snacks too

 10. Make smores 
A delicious and a fun bonding time