Bucket List: Not Requiring a Beach


  1. See something that you have never seen before in real life: For example, an animal that you have only seen pictures of, go to the zoo and see it in real life.
  2. Find $1 dollar worth of pennies by traveling: This is more of a full summer idea where you walk around cities and towns searching the ground for pennies and adding them to a jar until you have one whole dollar, then go trade all your hard work into a bank or to a store and have them change your pennies into a paper dollar.
  3. Close your eyes in a bookstore and whatever book you land on you have to read: Visit your local bookstore or library and find a section that you think you might enjoy, or go to a section that starts with your initials and close your eyes and let your hands stop whenever feels right and whichever book your hand is on, take it (pay for it or check it out, please don’t steal) and read it.
  4. Try a skill your siblings/parents are good at: Talk to your parents about what they used to do when they were younger and try any skills they tried, it’ll bring the fam closer together
  5. Go swimming in the rain: Have a pool or go to a friend’s house who has a pool and go swimming when it rains. Be sure to get out if you hear thunder though.
  6. Lay down in a rain puddle: Also when it is raining find the largest puddle that you can and lay down in it, make water angels.
  7. Contact someone you forgot about: Go through your messages and find someone you completely forgot about and ask them how they are doing.
  8. Go to the cheapest concert that you can find without listening to the music first :Go on a ticket website and surf through the prices and the one with the lowest price buy and bring your friends to this concert, YOU MAY NOT LISTEN TO THE MUSIC FIRST
  9. Bleach one strand of hair: Find one strand of hair to test out whatever colors you would like on your head.
  10. Watch the stars from the highest point you could hike to: Go on a hike and hike to the highest point you can get to and plan accordingly to see the stars from that specific point.