Bucket List For The Spontaneous.


  • Water Skiing: trying to be a professional for the day. Learn from them. This is for very spontaneous people who want to try something exciting. It’s a very euphoric experience that only happens in some life times.
  • Making a scrapbook: this can hold so many memories of your highschool experience that will bring a smile to your face in the future.
  • Watch the sunrise: This is always a good bucket list item because it’s really basic and easy to accomplish. It brings serotonin to your body. This causes you to feel immense joy and you will feel refreshed after.
  • Picnic w/ friends: Having a picnic with friends is extremely fun and entertaining. Eating good food with good company is always good. 
  • Stargazing: watching the stars by yourself or with others is definitely an experience you should try. It might not be for everyone but it’s extremely beautiful. Learning about astronomy is super fun and it’s very informational.
  • Sleep in a tent: This brings lots of joy and new experience while sleeping in a tent. It has a lot of challenges to face but doing it with friends can make it enjoyable.
  • Night swimming: this can be done in a pool or in the ocean. This is super exhilarating and also relaxing at the same time. This is an easy bucket list idea but you definitely have to be courageous to do this in the ocean but that’s what brings the fun.