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Non-Profit to Make CT More Equitable

Gabby Moore
May 23, 2023

SCORE works toward their goal of making CT more inclusive GABBY MOORE Since the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, many new organizations and groups have blossomed with the determination to make...

Barry Retiring after 21 Years of Teaching

Olivia Brown
May 23, 2023

Saying goodbye to an important part of the ELHS community OLIVIA BROWN “I love sharing my enthusiasm about other cultures and the beauty of knowing another language. Being able to talk to someone...

Exploring Religious Diversity in ELHS

Alex Brown
May 23, 2023

Following the apparent issues surrounding accommodating differing religions at ELHS ALEX BROWN ELHS is home to students with many different religious backgrounds. With these religions come many sacred...

Summer Bucket List

Brooke Haviland
May 19, 2023

1. Build a sand castle village  Instead of one sand castle, why not a whole village   2. Build a giant fort Use you imagination and creativity while building a cozy and private space to relax...

Anna Pearl’s: a Beloved Vintage Boutique in Downtown Niantic

Jennifer Wallace
May 3, 2023

JEN WALLACE With sparkling displays and drawers spilling with jewelry, a true gem sits in downtown Niantic. Anna Pearl’s is a family-owned store passed through generations. It all started with Sharon...

Artists of ELHS Excel at the Shoreline Arts Awards

Eve Slemp
May 3, 2023

EVE SLEMP A dash of paint here. A tool of string there. A little glam of sparkle here never hurt anyone...and ta-da! Art is a prominent talent here at ELHS and students recently gained recognition...

ELHS Softball Interview

Brooke Haviland
May 3, 2023

Welcome to the East Lyme HS softball team! Jennifer Raub is the assistant coach for the ELHS softball team. Arleen McKiernan (6)  is one out of 3 captains on the team. 22-23 Batting average: 286, and...

EL Boys’ Indoor Track Takes States

EL boys’ distance runners have back- to-back success from cross country to indoor track ZACK BARTH, ALEX BROWN, & ALEX SALERNO   EL runners Brendan Fant, Sean McCauley, and Jilali Benjdid...

Cats or Dogs?

Brooke Haviland
March 21, 2023

Brooke Haviland & Aiden Rodgers Cats In my opinion cats are better. I grew up with two Labradors and I loved them more than any cat I met (I wasn't around many)- and they were so much better...

Modernizing the Movie Theater

Jennifer Wallace
February 23, 2023

Changes to downtown, specifically the movie theater, can disrupt the town’s personality; what’s happening? JEN WALLACE What used to be a place filled with spilled popcorn and the sounds of laughter...

ELHS Welcomes New Statistics Teacher

Maya Garrow
February 23, 2023

ELHS’s new Statistics teacher returns to teaching MAYA GARROW He loves working with students and has a passion for math. Despite choosing to retire in 2019, this new member of the ELHS staff soon...

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