Soccer Star Malarie Buller Scores a Spot at Fitchburg

By: Will Dumond

Finding a college that fits one’s needs is arduous, but senior Malarie Buller made it look simple with her recent commit to Fitchburg State.

Buller seized her opportunity, committing to Fitchburg State on Oct.3. She took the first available offer she received and is enjoying the ride.

Buller was eager to commit to Fitchburg because she found an Environmental Science program that she wanted to pursue and a great soccer program. She didn’t like the “city environment” of bigger colleges and didn’t want the stress of playing soccer her the entire time she was attending college.

“I didn’t want to spend my whole college career in the weight room or doing drills and have no time for academics,” Buller said.

Malarie did express her love for athletics
more, however.

“For me, I do like the athletics aspect quite a bit more [than the education aspect], but I understand the importance of having both,” Buller said.

Two of her Connecticut Rush soccer teammates, Lilly Mallory and Abi Jorgensen, shared that soccer is very important to her.

“She makes it very clear that she enjoys what she does,” Mallory said. Mallory said that Buller has quite a competitive side and will always give you a fight on the field; that is what she loves about it.

“One time, we were doing a scrimmage at the end [of practice] and Mal had a lot of energy, so she went all in and scored an amazing top corner goal,” Jorgensen said. “The energy Mal brings really rubs off on the players around her, and it creates a great supportive team atmosphere.”