Ticos and Turtles


A (kinda) immersive experience of my 2016 summer trip to Costa Rica, working with sea turtle conservation program ASVO, located on Montezuma beach.

Volunteers are required to keep the turtle hatchery clean and well organized.
Dug by hand, these V-shaped turtle nests provide the baby turtles with greater protection from both the natural elements and predators than the original, naturally made nests.
Collection of (hopefully) hatched turtle eggs.
Fine green mesh covers each artificial nest, adding another layer of protection for the turtles, helping prevent crabs (and people) from walking into the nests.
Recently hatched turtles are removed from their artificial nest and taken to the ocean to be released.
ASVO volunteer releases baby turtles into the ocean during low tide.
A popular attraction amongst locals and tourists alike, how could one resist documenting the experience!
The official dog of the turtle hatchery, Nikito. Basically Montezuma’s biggest celebrity. I wonder how he’s doing now.