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Kennedy Holsapple

Capitalism is Killing Our Planet: Here’s How We Can Help

How does capitalism impact the fashion industry? Capitalism is an economic system that is designed to foster innovation with little government interference. Companies compete with others by producing...

At running camp, the boys’ team practice
their routine for the camp lip- sync battle (our team should’ve won).

Will You Take My Picture???

November 17, 2022

The 90s’ are back, as the decades old trend of disposable cameras rise in popularity in 2022. These nostalgic memory-savers are seen at any function, from concerts to parties to simple weekend hangouts....

Kennedy Holsapple

It’s Time to Part with Spirit Court’s Two-Gender Binary

Tradition is deeply embedded in ELHS culture and daily life from classes, sports, and even the name “Vikings.” Students, parents, and alumni fight for their right to preserve passed-down values, only...

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