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The Viking Saga

The Viking Saga

The Student News Site of East Lyme High School

The Viking Saga

The Viking Saga

The Viking Saga

Mauri visiting UMass Dartmouth

Mauri’s Soccer Engine Keeps Running

December 19, 2022

Nicknamed “The Train” by her middle school soccer coach, her fearless and unwaveringly determined play style is not for the faint of heart. Once she locks eyes with her downfield target, you can bet...

Students and parents wait in line to get
into ELHS sporting events.

New Cashless Online Ticket Paying System Upsets Some

Ted Bergman
December 9, 2022

Pull out your debit card, because EL’s athletic games have gone cashless. ELHS has adopted a system of online payments for athletic games through the digital ticketing website GoFan. Stamps, tear-off...

The Ultimate 2022 Music Wrap-Up

Cecile Horst and Ted Bergman
December 3, 2022

Cecile’s Pick: ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’ - the 1975 A no skip album. Not a single one. Every song is banger after banger. I mean did Matty Healy have to eat raw steak on stage while...

The Explosive Nature of “Love Island”

Ruby McMahon
December 1, 2022

The originally British television show, “Love Island” didn’t receive overnight success when it began airing in 2015. However, in the last few years, it has become the model of reality television...

How influential Parents’ Treatment is to Who We Become

Kylee Johnston
November 29, 2022

     Do you ever wonder why someone who cares about you treats you like they don’t? The nature of our nurture growing up affects who we become. The saying, “Like mother, like daughter” is something...

SAGA SOUNDOFF: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

SAGA SOUNDOFF: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Critics Are Making it Something It’s Not Opinion of: GINNY BULLER People are trying to pretend it’s something it’s not... “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” This show received...

ELHS welcomes its new counselor, Jaclyn Sullivan.

The Past and Passions of ELHS’s New Counselor, Ms. Sullivan

November 16, 2022

Counseling is an integral part of the school system, and a vital support for child development. Counselors must be able to handle the crises and triumphs of teenage life while keeping a level head, as...

The club meeting in the commons during
homeroom, directed by President Aiden

National History Club Introduced to ELHS

November 16, 2022

“There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait.” This famous line spoken in the well known Broadway play “Hamilton” provides a glimpse into the newly formed National History Club advised...

Book Review: “The Last Thing He Told Me”

November 2, 2022

“Protect her” is the last message Owen Michaels leaves behind for his wife before he disappears off the streets of Sausalito, San Francisco. In Laura Daves’ bestselling novel “The Last Thing He...

Admin Takes on 2022-2023

Admin Takes on 2022-2023

September 11, 2022

Principal Deb Kelly Viking Saga: If you had to use a single word to describe the theme of this year and everything you hope it becomes, what would it be? DK: Community. I believe that a community is...

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